American flag wavingSeptember 11, 2001American flag waving

Statute of Liberty on 911

Punish the guilty, but do not let our rage at those who do us ill
lead us to take out our anger on our innocent countrymen. 

Americans and friends of America come in all nationalities, are of all races,
and practice all the world's religions.  We cannot generalize and think
that all those we perceive as being from the Middle East or as Arab
or as Muslim wish us harm. 

If we succumb to that, those who crash planes into buildings and
favor violence over reason will have won. 



But to those who do us ill


There is sobbing of the strong 
And a pall upon the land 
But the people in their weeping 
Bare the iron hand. 
Beware the people weeping 
When they bare the iron hand.
Angry eagle superimposed on World Trade Center with caption "We won't forget"